Connectors are essential electrical components used every day in most electrical and electronic devices. Finding the right connector for your project depends on the project itself or the environment that you need the connector for. NEP offer an extensive range of electrical and industrial connectors to suit your application.

What are connectors? Connectors are electrical components that connect two devices on a domestic or industrial level. Electrical current, signals or voltage flow through from one device to another using a connector. Electrical connectors contain a male and female part each used to secure a connection between devices and cables. Connectors are traditionally identified with an assigned gender - male and female.

Male connector The male part, also known as the male plug of the connector, contains metal contacts. Contacts are pins that secure a firm connection with electrical conductors. Male connections house their own inputs.

Female connector The female part, also known as the socket, contains hollow metal contacts. These contacts accept male plugs, pins and other inputs from a range of different devices.

Top brands

  • Harting provides industry-leading heavy-duty and industrial connectors ideal for high current capacities of up to 40 amps at 400 volts AC and DC. 
  • TE Connectivity are a global leader in connectivity solutions using lightweight, fire-retardant thermoplastic materials and highly durable metal shells. 
  • Phoenix Contact is known internationally for the manufacturing of terminal blocks. Produced in various forms, including PCB terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks and terminal block marking strips. 
  • Amphenol Industrial offer almost every conceivable type of male and female connection possible with products in both the domestic and professional market. 
  • Molex produce a wide variety of male and female coaxial connections with a choice of socket types. Also a large range of audio, video and computer connectors are made, including industrial Ethernet cables. 

The wide range of connectors offered by NEP includes: Electrical connecters, industrial connectors, power connectors, heavy duty connectors and data connectors.