Corporate Social Responsibility

NEP is committed to being a socially responsible corporate entity.  We realize, as a business, that we do have an impact on the environment.  NEP wants to help the community be a better place and realizes our efforts can help that cause.  We treat our employees fairly and prescribe to non-discriminatory hiring practices.  We act ethically in our dealings with both vendors and customers and ask our employees to do the same to one another.

NEP has evaluated its business and has made a commitment to preserving the environment based upon energy efficiency improvements and reducing waste.  This includes converting all factory and warehouse lighting to energy efficient fixtures.  The workforce has also been asked to be cognizant of energy waste where machines and lights that are not in use or necessary are turned off.  We have worked with customers to eliminate typical packaging in favor of recyclable/reusable containers.  In manufacturing and our warehouses, all recyclable scrap is recycled rather than scrapped.  In the end, NEP is committed to environmental responsibility.

The employees of NEP each receive an employee handbook upon hire.  This handbook offers relevant rules of the workplace.  In the handbook, the employees see that we maintain a “Respect” policy whereby all employees treat one another, customers, vendors, etc. with respect.  Similarly, we support the “Conflict Minerals” initiative where smelters of certain metals are vetted to assure they comply with proper human rights practices.

NEP appreciates and respects our environment, our customers, our suppliers, and our employees.  It is with this appreciation and respect that we prescribe to be a socially responsible corporation.

NEP Ethics & Code of Conduct Policy